1. Welcome from the Chair
2. Apologies for absence
3. Agree minutes from the last AGM 23.05.18
4. Chairperson’s address and update of rules
5. Treasurer’s Report
6. Membership Secretary’s Report
7. Programme Secretary’s report
8. External Competition Secretary’s report
9. Internal Print Competition Secretary’s report
10. Internal Digital Secretary’s Report and announcement of Set Subject Themes for next season
11. Exhibition Secretary’s Report
12. Social Secretary’s Report
13. Election of the Committee

Process: Chair stands down. Secretary asks for nominations for the Chair. Chair nominated and seconded. Meeting handed back to the new Chair for election of other committee members.
Nominated by
Seconded by
Ken Walter
Trevor Hyde
Belinda Ewart
Tom Barclay
Membership Secretary
Jeff Haynes
Advertising Secretary
Judy Domoney
Programme Secretary
Ray Staff
External Competition secretary
Paul Burwood?
Trevor Hyde?
Internal Print Secretary
Justin Grant
Internal Digital Secretary
Craig Bellis
Exhibition Secretary
Craig Poltock
Social Secretary
Assistant Social Secretary
Neil Jackson
Paul Burwood
External Competition Selection Committee
Paul Burwood
Justin Grant
Judge Bookings Secretary
Ted Weller (last year)
General Committee Members
Peter Trowell

4. Chairman’s Report
To be presented at the AGM

Rules update: Members to vote on amended rules (emailed to members)

5. Treasurer’s Report

This year, the operational surplus generated by FEPS was £109.84.
Although this is a happy state of affairs, it should be remembered that it could have been a quite different outcome had it not been for the grant of £500 that we successfully obtained during the year, and that we really do need a larger and growing membership to ensure long-term sustainability (and this endorses the committee's recent decision to make this a strategic aim).
With the exception of insurance costs, there were no remarkable differences in categories of income and expenditure compared to previous years to draw attention to. A review of FEPS’s insurance requirements was prompted by the purchase of the new projector, and we have perhaps been a little underinsured anyway in recent years. This has now been addressed.
The purchase of the new projector (£3126) and cutlery for social events (£100.20) have been recorded under the purchase of equipment category and consequently have reduced the Equipment Replacement Fund.

T Barclay, Treasurer, April 2019

6. Membership Secretary’s Report
Membership Secretary’s Report 2018/19
As always I have been pleased to welcome our new members. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all and I hope that you are getting what you want from our club.
The total membership currently stands at 51. This compares to a total of 60 last year.
We have had seven new members joining us this year, which includes four returning members.
At committee meetings we have discussed the declining membership and ways to encourage new members. It seems that camera clubs generally are experiencing falls in membership so it’s not anything specific to FEPS. If anyone has any ideas on how to get new members to join please talk to me or any other committee member … maybe bring a friend or colleague to an evening or two to show them what we do.
I’ve received mostly positive feedback from members this year regarding the programme.

Jeff Haynes

7. Programme Secretary’s report

May 2019
Our programme this year has had some interesting highlights with the monochrome project being my favourite as it encouraged participation from many of you. This coming season I am looking to build on this with our portrait theme that will also conclude in a set subject competition. Going forward if there are any subjects you would like us to explore in this way then please let me know.
I have worked to provide a wide range of speakers this year and hope you have found at least some educational and entertaining, Any suggestions for subjects that I have not covered or you want more of are welcome so please let me know by email at
When choosing speakers, I look to fulfil a range of different subjects while providing an evening that will challenge you to break away from your set style and try something else and I do not try to please all of you all the time. Next season we have talks by Rachael Talibart, Dave Mason, Vanda Ralevska and Chris Ceaser to name a few.
I would like to thank all those that help me to put our programme together from those who give me ideas and advice to others that spend hours putting a members talk together. As I have held this position for some time, I would like to invite any of our members to take over my role so as to help with new ideas and with progressing our society.

Ray Staff, Programme Secretary

External Competition Secretary Report to AGM 2019

Overall we have had a relatively successful season with some notable results, which I will comment on as we go through.
First of all we got through to the Final of the North-West Fed Competition. This is held over 3 rounds and includes both prints and projected images. Over the three rounds, we did very well and won each round, some quite comfortably. In the Final we were up against Harrow. The final has two different judges from outside the region. Unfortunately the judge who was doing the digital section was not a fan of some of our images and overall we just came up short. It was the first time Harrow had won for many years and so they were delighted. Our appearance in the final was one better than last year when we were knocked out at the semi-final stage.
It was a similar story in the Rosebowl. Again we won all three rounds and we were one of only two clubs with maximum points, so we thought we were in with a good chance. However it does emphasise what we have known all along, that a different judge in the final will produce a different result. Colin Harrison is a very well respected judge and photographer so it is hard to argue against his judgement. Let us just say that he has different taste from some of the others and as a result we came 4th. The competition was won by Imagez, a club we had beaten easily in one of the previous rounds.
We also took part in the annual match a digital competition against Ealing and Pinner, which unfortunately we lost. This was a fun evening and Pinner will be hosting next year so we will need more of your images for that in due course.
Probably our best result was at the Chilterns Association Championship Day, where all the major clubs in the Chilterns Association get together, there are separate competitions for prints and projected images. In the prints we came second to Amersham (which was a repeat of last year and also means that Field End goes to the National Print Championships again). To get there two years in a row is a definite achievement. One of the main reasons we were so successful in prints was that we had two of the top scoring prints, both by Dominic Beaven. Artist’s Muse and Knock Out were both selected for Judges Awards. In the projected images, we also made a good showing but did not finish in the top two clubs, so will not be going to the Digital Championships. However there is a separate digital competition called the Chiltern Hundred which is for individuals rather than clubs. Belinda Ewart won a Silver Medal for her image “Angelic Urchin” which coincidentally won the Print of the Year, here at Field End. Congratulations to both of them for winning awards at this event. All the prints that did well have been held back by the CACC for possible selection for the inter-Federation competitions, so that would be a further honour if they were used at that level.
The cycle of competitions continues and the first one for the coming season is the Ron Wake Trophy organised by Harrow which had the preliminary round at the end of May. Each of the local clubs enters 7 prints, which have to be new work and not already been entered in external competitions. Fortunately we had just had Print of the Year and so will be able to put in a good selection. I will therefore need to hold onto some prints as soon as the exhibition is taken down in order to take them to Harrow.
I have already informed the committee, but I have to announce to the rest of the meeting that I will not be standing as External Competitions Secretary for next year. I have been a member of Field End for 25 years and throughout that time have been on the committee in many roles including Chairman, Secretary, Programme Secretary and External Competitions and I feel that is enough. Another reason is that there is a strong chance that Mike and I will be moving away from Ruislip now that we are retired and no longer need to commute into London. Therefore I think it is better that I step down now and have a proper handover rather than leave in the middle of a season. Hopefully whoever takes over will maintain Field End’s high standards as we do have a lot of talented people in the club.
On that note, I would like to express my thanks to all the people whose work we have used during the season. Thanks to Catherine, Paul and Justin for their work on the selection committee and for the support we have had at the external events. I am sure you will all keep up the high standard of work, and thanks again for allowing us to use your images this year.

Val Walker
External Competitions Secretary

9. Internal Print Competition Secretary’s report

Print secretary’s report 2018 -2019
Total of 299 prints this year up from last year’s total of 254 (+45)
112 class 2 (99 last year) 13 members (14 last year)
187 class 1 (155 last year) 15 members (13 last year)
Positions at the end of the season are :-
Class 1 Prints for the Mclellan Trophy was won by Val Walker
Class 2 Prints for the Martin Trophy was won by Paul Burwood who I believe will now move into class 1.
Aggregate of Prints for the friendship cup was won by Paul Burwood
We’ve also had the Print of the year competition of which:-
Mono for the Jewell cup was won by Belinda Ewart for “MATERNAL”
Colour Print for the Bison shield was won by Belinda Ewart for “ANGELIC URCHIN”
In 3 weeks we will have the Print panel.
The scores for all the print competitions this year are now on the web site.
I’ll like to thank everyone who helps set up the stands at the beginning of a print evening and also putting them away at the end.
If anyone has any questions about the print competitions including sizes, mounting or anything to do with entering please ask me at any time.
Finally I have noticed we are getting a lot more prints in group 1 compared to group 2 if this is the case next year I may have to limit the amount of entry’s in group 1 to 2 entry’s only, so please make your 3rd image the one that you don’t mind being dropped, I will still keep group 2 to 3 images .

Thank you

10. Internal Digital Secretary’s Report and announcement of Set Subject Themes for next season
To be presented at the AGM.

11. Exhibition Secretary’s Report
To be provided after the Exhibition 12th - 25th May 2019

12. Social Secretary’s Report

Social Secretary Report 2019 Neil Jackson
As my second year as Social Secretary comes to a close I am delighted to report that the year was, once again, very successful.
Since my last report, in May last year, the club has held various social events.
A pub quiz night at the Case is Altered in Eastcote was a fun event for everyone that attended and although we didn’t win any prizes it was a very enjoyable evening.
The end of season Awards Evening held in June at the Conservative Club in Ruislip was extremely well attended. A very relaxed and enjoyable night with buffet, raffle, quiz and lots of appreciation for the award winners.
The Christmas Social at the beginning of December was once again a success and proved to be a joyous start to the season’s celebrations. It was clear that everyone enjoyed themselves and feedback was very positive.
In January a different kind of social event was held. As part of the clubs Inform, Inspire, Participate and View programme, to help members focus on different aspects of photography, a ‘Monochrome’ day out was organised. This consisted of a day on the South Bank in London with the aim of taking and then submitting images for the Monochrome competition held later in the year. The event was a success with members taking late lunch and refreshment at nearby pubs after a day of photography. Positive feedback confirmed that the photography and social aspects combined well.
A welcome return to the Hop & Vine in March again brought lots of fun and banter. The evening was hugely successful with talk of photography and but mainly everyone getting to know each other just a little bit better.
A big thank you to everyone that now brings their own cups along on Wednesday evening. No more plastic cups and plastic pollution from FEPS. I know it isn’t much when looking at the big picture, but it is something, so well done everyone. A definite success.
Another huge thank you to everyone who helped me during the year. To all those who did their bit on the tea rota. To everyone who helped with setting up and clearing the tables at the Awards Evening and Christmas socials. To Val for help with shopping and setting up the buffets. To Belinda (the queen of Lemon Drizzle) for setting up and helping to organise the buffets. To Paul for help, assistance and advice throughout the year.