Projected Image Results 2015 - 16

Projected Open 1 Class 2

Projected Digital Open 1

Class 2
PosnTitle and AuthorScore
103 STEAMY IN THE KITCHEN by Belinda Ewart class220
202 THE NAME`S BOND, JAMES BOND by Fiona Rich class220
302 SQUIRREL by David Mercer Class 220
4 H01 SPOTTED YOU by David Mercer Class 220
H01 THE BONE COLLECTOR by Sally Dell20
601 MORNING LIGHT by Neil Jackson class219
=01 VIBRANT SPRING COLOUR by Yvonne Milsome Class219
=02 THE HOOF by Trevor Hyde class219
=03 BATHING BEAUTY (11.067) by David Milton class 2jpg19
=03 RIVER MOTLAWA SCENE by Janet Aspinal Class219
1101 LONGHORN BEETLE by philip toms class218
=02 COMMON CROW BUTTERFLY by Geoff Brown Class 218
=02 END OF MARKET DAY by mike barber class 2118
=02 LOST IN MUSIC by Sally Dell18
=03 BAD HAIR DAY! by Tom Barclay class218
=03 CLOUD STREAM by philip toms class218
=03 PUFFIN CONTORTIONIST by Trevor Hyde class218
1801 BURGHERS HOUSES by Janet Aspinal Class217
=01 MAURITIAN MONKEY by Belinda Ewart class217
=01 PHIL by Fiona Rich class217
=01 RED CRESTED POCHARD by Peter Sibley class217
=02 BALLOONS IN COVENT GARDEN by Megan Maddy.class2,jpg17
=02 SPIDER SPIDER by mike ford class217
=03 GOING DOWN by Neil Jackson class217
2501 AERIAL ATTACK IN SOUTH GEORGIA by Trevor Hyde class216
=01 BEE ON ORANGE FLOWER by Tom Barclay class216
=01 KING OF THE JUNGLE by Judy Domoney class 216
=01 SEASCAPE by Megan Maddy.class2.jpg16
=02 BEES EYE VIEW by Yvonne Milsome Class216
=02 CAMBODIAN CHILD.(15.1001) by David Milton Class 216
=02 CAUGHT IN THE GLOW by Belinda Ewart class216
=02 KINGFISHER by Peter Sibley class216
=02 SEA OF GOLD by Neil Jackson class216
=03 CITY LIGHTS by mike barber class 2116
=03 REFLECTIONS by mike ford class216
3601 ANCIENT AND MODERN by Geoff Brown Class 215
=01 NEW ZEALAND MYSTERY(NZ.SI.13.231) by David Milton, class 215
=01 RUSTY OLD BIKE by mike barber class 2115
=01 THE ENTERTAINER by mike ford class215
=01LAVENDER by LesleyInnesClass215
=02 GOLDEN FLEECE by philip toms class215
=02 LAVENDER FIELDS by Judy Domoney class 215
=02 POZNAN TOWN HALL by Janet Aspinal Class215
=03 STREET ENTERTAINERS by Geoff Brown Class 215
4601SWEET DREAMS by LesleyInnesclass214