Projected Image Results 2015 - 16

Projected Digital Image Competition Set Subject "Pairs"

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 GULLS FIGHTING by Val Walker Class120
201 OH WHAT A LOVLEY PEAR by Belinda Ewart class220
302 HAIRY FRIENDS by Jeff Haynes20
4 H02 RIGHT HAND ENGINES by Justin Grant class 119
H02 TOGETHERFOREVER by Sally Dell .class2.sd19
H03 KILLER HEELS by Belinda Ewart class219
701 MATING MARBLED WHITES by Mike Walker Class119
=02 PAIR OF GIANT ALLIUMS by Tom Barclay class219
=02 PAIR OF SHIRE HORSES by Brian Gibson class119
=02 PLAYING IN THE STREET by Val Walker Class119
=03 GAZING PAIR by Chunilal Chavda class119
=03 PYLONS by Judy Domoney class219
1301 HANG ON by Ted Weller class118
=01 JESS AND ANDY by Gordon Phillipps class118
=01 JULIA BUTTERFLIES by Peter Sibley18
=01 MY BIG BROTHER by Jeff Haynes18
=01 PAIR OF LEGS by Justin Grant class 118
=01 WE'VE COME A LONG WAY TOGETHER, MUMMY by Tom Barclay class218
=01THIS IS OUR SPOT. by Megan Maddy.class2.jpg18
=02 A CUT ABOVE by Ted Weller class118
=02 OLD BOOTS by Belinda Ewart class218
=02 STILTS PAIR BONDING by Mike Walker Class118
=02-A-PAIR-OF-DWARF-DHALIAS by Geoff-Brown-Class-218
=03 NIGHT WALKERS by Jeff Haynes18
=03 OLD PAIRS by Gordon Phillipps Class118
=03 ORYX FIGHTING by Mike Walker Class118
=03-A-PAIR-OF-SUPERMEN by Geoff-Brown-Class-218
2801 A PAIR OF GULLS by Ray Staff Class 117
=01 NORTHERN ANGELS by Judy Domoney class217
=01 OBSESSION AND ENDEAVOUR by Brian Gibson class117
=01-A-PAIR-OF-SHUTTERED-WINDOWS by Geoff-Brown-Class-217
=03 COMMUTER TRAINS AT VICTORIA by Trevor Hyde Class217
=03 HAPPY SNAPPING by Justin Grant class 117
=03 PAIR OF BUDLEIA by Tom Barclay class217
=03 PAIR OF FOWELLS by Brian Gibson class117
3601 LOVELOCK by Chunilal Chavda class116
=01 PEARS by Sally Dell-class216
=02 A PAIR OF BRONZES by Roger Cole Class216
=02 FROSTY BAMBROUGH by Judy Domoney class216
=02 IM A WINDMILL by Megan Maddy.class2jpg16
=02 WATER DOGS by Peter Sibley16
=03 LUNCH AND A BOOK by Ted Weller class116
4301 EASTERN STATUES by Sanjay Patel Class215
=01 PESTLE MORTAR IN LIGHT by Sanjay Patel Class215
=01 RED GLAMOUR by Sanjay Patel Class215
=01 RHINO by Kerry15
=02 FRIDA AND DIEGO HATS by Chunilal Chavda class115
=03 LUNCH TIME by Ray Staff Class 115
4901 PANPIPE DUET by Brian Collinge class214
=01 SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERS by Trevor Hyde Class214
=03 TWO AND TWO by Val Walker Class114
5201 BUDAPEST SHOES by Roger Cole Class213
=02 I LIKE CHOCOLATE by Ray Staff Class 113
=02 JUST RIPE FOR PICKING by Trevor Hyde Class213
=02 NEW SPECS NEEDED by Gordon Phillipps Class113
=03 GREAT CRESTED GREBES by Peter Sibley13