Projected Image Results 2015 - 16

Digital Projected Image Set Subject "Water"

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 CRASHING WAVE by Jeff Haynes20
201 ATLANTIC SKY by Gordon Phillipps Class120
301 SNOW GATE by Judy Domoney Class220
4 H01 ICE BLUE by Neil Jackson class219
H01 TIMELESS OCEAN by Val Walker Class119
H02 IN THE RAIN by Justin Grant class 119
701 YSTRADFELLTRE FALLS by Ted Weller class119
=02 LOOKING GLASS CREEK by Mike Walker Class 119
=03 WATERFALL COLOURS by Ted Weller class119
1001 BREAKER by Brian Gibson class118
=01 PENARTH SUNRISE by Ray Staff Class 118
=02 GOLDEN WATERFALL by Val Walker Class118
=02 STOCKTON FOUNTAIN by Judy Domoney Class218
=03 ADRIATIC SHORE by Gordon Phillipps Class118
=03 FLOWING STREAM by Mike Walker Class118
=03 LEAF IN POND by Chunilal Chavda Class118
=03 WINTER WALK by Denise Odell class218
1801 BLUE & GOLD by Neil Jackson class217
=01 JUST FISHING by Tom Barclay class217
=01 RAIN DROP by Chunilal Chavda Class1.jp01 g17
=01 WATERFALL OF THE GODS by Neil Jackson class217
=02 CITY HALL FOUNTAINS by Brian Gibson class117
=02 SWIRLING TIDE by Ted Weller class117
=02 WEST BURTON FALLS by Gordon Phillipps Class117
=03 DROPLETS by Val Walker Class 1 copy17
=03 SUNRISE ROCKS by Ray Staff Class117
=03 TRAFALGAR SQUARE AT NIGHT by Belinda Ewart class217
=03 WATERCOLOURS by Judy Domoney class217
2901 FLOATING by Jeff Haynes16
=01 ICY WEB by Geoff Brown class 216
=01 IN FOX BAY by David Milton class2 JPEG16
=01 SOUTH BANK PUDDLE by Trevor Hyde Class216
=01 WATER CURTAIN by Mike Walker Class116
=01 WATER by Megan Maddy16
=02 WATER FOUNTAIN by Geoff Brown class 216
=03 LIMEHOUSE by Brian Gibson class116
=03 RIVER TWEED by Trevor Hyde Class216
3901 AND SO TO SEA by Justin Grant class 115
=01 UNDER THE SURF by mike barber class 215
=02 AN AFTERNOON ON THE LAKE by Tom Barclay class215
=02 BIRDBATH by mike ford class215
=02 HEAD IN WATER by David Milton class 2JPEG15
=02 LIGHTNING OVER THE BAY by mike barber class 215
=02 REFLECTIONS by Denise Odell class215
=02 SKYE PANORAMA by Ray Staff Class 115
=02 THE OLD WATERMILL by Belinda Ewart class215
=03 CITY WATER FEATURE by Jeff Haynes15
=03 LOST IN THE POOL by Justin Grant class 115
=03 THAMES RIVER PAGEANT by Mike Barber class 2 115
=03 WATER SHOWER by Geoff Brown Class 215
=03 WHITE WATER by mike ford class215
5301 ICE BUBBLES by Denise Odell class214
=01 POOL REFLECTIONS by Gill Grace class114
=01 SNOW COATED TEASEL by Belinda Ewart class214
=01 THE WATCHER by mike ford class214
=02 CHEDDER WATERS. by Megan Maddy. jpg. class214
=02 DANGEROUS TO DRINK by Tom Barclay class214
=02 MORNING DEW by Chunilal Chavda Class114
=02 THE LONELY PALM by Gill Grace class114
=03 MEKONG WAKE by David Milton class2 JPEG14
=03 CHILDREN LOVE WATER by Gill Grace class114
=03 WEIRD WATER by Megan Maddy.class2jpg14