Projected Image Results 2015 - 16

Open 3 Class 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
103 LADY AT THE TEMPLE by Jeff Haynes Class120
203 STATION ENTRANCE by Brian Gibson class120
302 WILDFLOWER MEADOW by Val Walker Class120
4 H02 STORAGE POT by Chunnilal Chavda20
5 H01 WHISKERED TERN by Mike Walker Class119
6 H02 A WALK ON THE BEACH by Brian Gibson class119
=01 MAGPIE FUNGI by Ted Weller class118
=02 SHELDUCKS SQUABBLING by Mike Walker Class118
=02 THE VISITOR by craigpoltock class118
=03 BLACK-WINGED STLTS by Mike Walker Class118
=03 GLACIER FLOW by Ted Weller class118
=03 WAYSIDE POPPIES by Gordon Phillipps Class118
1401 FRESH AIR by Chunnilal Chavda17
=01 IN STEP by craig poltock class117
=01 JUST CHILLIN' by Jeff Haynes Class117
=01 TESTING THE ICE by Gill Grace class 117
=02 BENCH by Gordon Phillipps Class117
=02 LOCKED OUT AGAIN by Ted Weller class117
=03 GULL ROCK by Val Walker Class117
2101 GIRONA STEPS by Gordon Phillipps16
=01 MORSTON QUAY by Brian Gibson class116
=02 A WALK IN THE PARK by Jeff Haynes Class116
=03 SOUND ASLEEP by Gill Grace class116
=03 THREE LADIES by Chunnilal Chavda16
2602 TAKE CARE by Gill Grace class115