Projected Image Results 2015 - 16

Digital Open 4

Class 1
PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 GETTING FEET WET  by   Chunnilal Chavda20
201 NORTH NORFOLK RAILWAY  by   Brian Gibson class120
303 GREAT WHITE EGRET  by   Mike Walker Class120
4    H02 NEELAM AND HER MOTHER  by   Jeff Haynes Class119
      H02 WILLET WITH CRAB  by   Mike Walker Class119
      H03 PEEKABOO  by   Chunnilal Chavda19
703 SMOKE IN HAVANA  by   Val Walker Class119
801 CLEMATIS ON BLACK  by   Ted Weller class118
      =01 ORNAMENTAL  by   Gordon Phillipps class118
      =01 REDDISH EGRET WITH FISH  by   Mike Walker Class118
      =02 BLUE HERONS GREETING  by   Val Walker Class118
      =02 OXBURGH HALL  by   Brian Gibson class118
      =03 DAYS GONE BY  by   Justin Grant class 118
      =03 MEAN STREETS  by   Jeff Haynes Class118
      =03 SHERINGHAM BREAKWATER  by   Brian Gibson class118
1601 BENEATH HAMMERSMITH FLYOVER  by   Jeff Haynes Class117
      =02 FALSE SUNSET  by   Justin Grant class 117
      =02 GOLDEN ORIGAMI  by   Chunnilal Chavda17
      =02 PALS ARCHES  by   Gordon Phillipps Class117
      =03 GIRL IN A DOORWAY  by   Ted Weller class117
      =03 GLASSWARE  by   Gordon Phillipps17
2201 CROMARTY FIRTH  by   Gill Grace class116
      =01 FIFTY PERCENT OFF  by   Val Walker Class116
2402 HEADS YOU WIN  by   Ted Weller class115
      =02 LISBON TOWERS  by   Gill Grace class115
2601 MIRROR IMAGE  by   Justin Grant class 114
      =03 A HEAVY LOAD  by   Gill Grace class114