Projected Image Results 2016 - 17

Open 1 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 BEE FEEDING by Peter Sibley class220
203 SECLUDED SPOT by Judy Domoney class220
303 ME AND MY SHADOW OVER CALM WATERS by Trevor Hyde class220
4 H01 MORNING LIGHTS by Neil Jackson class220
H01 PROUD AS by Phil Wright class220
H01 RED CRESTED POCHARD by Peter Sibley class220
H02 BAGMOOR SHAW by Paul Burwood class220
801 CLOUDING UP IN BURANO by Phil Wright class219
=01 THE WAVE by Philip Toms class219
=01 THE WAY AHEAD by Paul Burwood class219
=02 SHADOWS by mike barber class 2 - 119
=03 SHADOWS ON THE MIST by Neil Jackson class219
1301 CLEAN STREET by mike fordclass218
=01 HAVANA CLUB SCENE by Trevor Hyde class218
=01 OOSTPOORT GATEWAY by Janet Aspinall Class218
=01 WHERES HARRY by Judy Domoney class218
=02 DAMSELFLY by Geoff Brown Class 218
=02 IN THE SEA OF TRANQUILLITY by Neil Jackson class218
=02 THE WINDOW by Philip Toms class218
=03 BANJO PIER by Paul Burwood class218
2101 GIRL IN TU TU by mike barber class 2 - 117
=01 THE-LAKE-AT-SCOTNEY by Geoff-Brown-class-217
=02 DERELICT PIPING AND TANKS by Trevor Hyde class217
=02 JUNGLE LAD (164) by David Milton class 2 jpeg17
=02 URBAN ART by mike ford class217
=03 ANCIENT & MODERN by mike ford class217
=03 PRE-SIESTA REST (042A) by David Milton class 2 jpeg17
=03 SPARROWHAWK by Peter Sibley class217
=03 ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS by Geoff Brown class 217
3001 CHELSEY GIRL (265) by David Milton class 2 JPG16
=01 LAZY SALESMAN by Reece Osborne class216
=02 GOUDA CANAL SCENE by Janet Aspinall Class216
=02 PAINTED SKYS by Judy Domoney class216
=02 SMOKING VENDOR by Reece Osborne class216
=03 AUTUMN LEAVES by Denise Odell class216
=03 FLYING SCOTSMAN AT SOUTH ACTON by Peter Hill class216
=03 HOUSE OF SYMMETRY by Reece Osborne class216
=03 MOUNTAIN VIEW by Philip Toms class216
=03 ROOFTOPS AND SHADOWS by Janet Aspinall Class216
4001 CHASING THE LEADER by Peter Hill class215
=01 LONDON MET by Denise Odell class215
=01 THE EYE OF THE GIRAFFE by Phil Wright class215
=02 AFTERNOON DRINKS by Denise Odell class215
=02 IN BROMPTON CEMETERY by Peter Hill class215