Projected Image Results 2016 - 17

Open 1 Class 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 SWALEDALE by Gordon Phillipps Class120
202 IMMINENT COLLISION by Val Walker Class120
301 PICASSO ON THE BEACH by Val Walker Class120
4 H01 KING OF THE ROAD by Jeff Haynes class120
5 H01 FRAGMENTED by craig poltock class119
H03 OYSTERCATCHER CALLING by Val Walker Class119
703 CITY STRUCTURES by Jeff Haynes class119
=03 TAIL by Craig Bellis19
901 MAN IN CAMOUFLAGE by Chunilal Chavda class118
=03 NUTHATCH by Mike Walker class118
1101 CONSOLING A LITTLE ONE by Belinda Ewart class117
=01 FADING CLEMATIS by Ted Weller class117
=01 GRAVEYARD by Ray Staff Class 117
=01 WENSLEYDALE by Gordon Phillipps Class117
=02 EMERGING FROM THE WATER by Craig Bellis17
=02 MAD DOGS IN THE MIDDAY SUN by Jeff Haynes class117
=02 TWISTED TREE TRUNKS by Chunilal Chavda class117
1801 CATTLE EGRET WITH MOLE CRICKET by Mike Walker class116
=01 LONE TREE by Brian Gibson class116
=01 MISTY WATER by Craig Bellis16
=02 CLIMBING ROSE by Belinda Ewart class116
=02 RED-BREASTED MERGANSER by Mike Walker class116
=02 SNOWDROPS by Ray Staff Class 116
=03 DUSK ON THE TOP DECK by Belinda Ewart class116
=03 ORWELL BRIDGE by Brian Gibson class116
2601 OLD ROPES & TOOLS by Gill Grace class 115
=02 DOCKLANDS SCULPTURE by Brian Gibson class115
=02 LAVENDER COLOURS by Ted Weller class115
=03 BRICK LANE HUSTLE by craig poltock class115
=03 LOOKING FOR FOOD by Ray Staff Class 115
3102 LITTLE VENICE by Gill Grace class1. jpg14
=02 TINTYPE PORTRAIT by craig poltock class114
=03 AVENUE by Gordon Phillipps Class114
=03 SUNSET BOYS by Chunilal Chavda class114