Projected Image Results 2016 - 17

Open 2 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 TIME FOR A WASH  by   Peter Sibley class220
203 HEATHLAND TREES  by   Philip Toms Class219
302 MONARCH BUTTERFLY  by   Peter Sibley class219
4    H01 MORNING SHADOWS   by   mike barber class 2 -18
      H03 LIGHTS IN THE SKY  by   Dominic Beaven Class218
6    H01 DOME IN BOIM CHAPEL  by   Janet Aspinall17
      H02 GANTS HILL UNDERGROUND  by   Peter Hill class217
803 OPEN DOR  by   Paul Burwood class217
901 BLACK HAWK DOWN  by   Phil Wright class216
      =01 BRIGHTON I360  by   Megan Maddy16
      =01 EURASIAN OTTER  by   Philip Toms class216
      =01 MAD AS A HATTER  by   Paul Burwood class216
      =01 MEERKAT PORTRAIT  by   Tom Barclay class216
      =01 PHOTOGRAPHY IS PERMITTED IN THIS AREA  by   Peter Hill class216
      =02 CATCHING THE LIGHT  by   Philip Toms Class216
      =02 CLASSIC WREN  by   Paul Burwood class216
      =02 PETUNIAS  by   Janet Aspinall Class216
      =01 KINGFISHER   by   GEOFF BROWN Class 216
      =02 WIND BLOWN  by   Neil Jackson class216
      =03 THAMES REFLECTION  by   mike barber class 216
2001 CALMING CUMBRIA  by   Phil Wright class215
      =01 EMERGING FROM THE MIST  by   Neil Jackson class215
      =01 FAMILY TREK  by   Nigel Homer class215
      =01 RAIN FOREST REPTILE  by   Phil Wright class215
      =02 SUN STRUGGLES TO SHINE THROUGH THE POLLUTION  by   Trevor Hyde class215
      =02 AYSGARTH FALLS  by   Philip Sugden class215
      =02 COLOURS OF AUTUMN  by   Tom Barclay class215
      =02 COLOURS ON THE BEACH  by   Megan Maddy15
      =02 FEMALE SILHOUETTE  by   mike barber class 215
      =02 HISTORIC RYE  by   Geoff Brown Class 215
      =03 FULMAR AT REST  by   Tom Barclay class215
      =03 KINGFISHER  by   Peter Sibley class215
      =03 MOMENT OF VICORY  by   Nigel Homer class215
      =03 THE GIRL IN THE FLOWER SHOP  by   Geoff Brown class 215
3501 HANGING AROUND  by   Denise Odell class214
      =01 LOOK DEATH IN THE EYE  by   Dominic Beaven Class214
      =01 RIEVAULX ABBEY  by   Philip Sugden class214
      =01 SUNLIT FOUNTAIN  by   Dave Gurdon class214
      =01 UP CLOSE  by   David Milton class 2 algarve.(498)14
      =01 WHO'S THE VISITOR WITH THE SMART BIKE  by   Trevor Hyde class214
      =02 CLOUDS OVER WASTWATER  by   Dominic Beaven Class214
      =02 ENJOYING THE VIEW  by   Denise Odell class214
      =03 MORNING MEETING  by   Neil Jackson class214
      =03 PICNIC ANYONE  by   Philip Sugden class214
      =03 VERY PHOTOGENIC  by   Denise Odell class214
4602 KEEPING AN EYE OUT  by   Nigel Homer class213
      =02 MY PORTRAIT  by   Dave Gurdon class213
      =03 FEED THE BIRDS  by   Trevor Hyde class213
      =03 RUG SELLER  by   Dave Gurdon class213
      =03 THIRD WORLD ACCOMMODATION  by   David Milton class 2 JPEG (243)13
02 BEHIND BARS  by   David Milton class 2 jpeg (116)13
5203 HALLSTAAT  by   Janet Aspinall Class212