Projected Image Results 2016 - 17

Set Subject 1

London Landmarks
PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 BEYOND THE RUBBISH STANDS A TRUMAN by Belinda Ewart class120
201 POOL OF LONDON by Brian Gibson class120
303 THE LONDON EYE by Megan Maddy20
4 H03 ICY ROUTE TO ST PAULS by Paul Burwood class220
5 H01 SHARD BUS by Justin Grant class 119
H01 THE SOLE OF ST PANCRAS by Belinda Ewart class119
701 OLD AND NEW by mike barber class 219
=03 BIG BEN AND LITTLE BEN by Reece Osborne class219
1001 LONDON SUNRISE by Ray Staff Class 118
=01 NOT UNDERGROUND by Ted Weller Class118
=01 ST JAMES PARK by Gordon Phillipps Class118
=02 BUS STATION WITH A VIEW by mike barber class 218
=02 GOING UNDERGROUND by Neil Jackson class218
=02 LEADENHALL FIGURES by Val Walker Class118
=02 SHADOW OF THE SHARD by Brian Gibson class118
=03 MILLENIUM BRIDGE & TATE MODERN by Jeff Haynes Class118
=03-ST PAULS AND MILLENIUM BRIDGE by Geoff-Brown-class-218
1901 BIG BEN AT NIGHT by Reece Osborne class217
=01 INTO THE BLUE by Judy Domoney Class 217
=01 LEADENHALL BUILDING by Mike Walker class117
=01 MILLENNIUM RUSHES BY by Paul Burwood class217
=01 ST PAULS CATHEDRAL by Megan Maddy17
=01 THE SHARD by Jeff Haynes Class117
=01THE TOWERS OF LONDON by Phil Wright class217
=02 GOTTA CATCH EM ALL by Peter Hill class217
=02 LLOYD'S BUILDING REFLECTED by Mike Walker class117
=02 PAINTED CITY by Justin Grant class 117
=02 ST PAUL SUNSET by Leah Pullen class117
=02 THE TOWER by Jeff Haynes Class117
=02 TIRELESS CANARY by Paul Burwood class217
=02 WHITEHALL by Gordon Phillipps Class117
=02-BANK-OF-ENGLAN D by Geoff-Brown-class-217
=03 EYE AT DUSK by Denise Odell class217
=03 GARGOYLES OF PARLIAMENT by Belinda Ewart class117
=03 MOON MONUMENT by Justin Grant class 117
=03 TRAVELLING LIGHT by Neil Jackson class217
=03 WESTMINSTER PHONE BOX by Brian Gibson class117
3901 BOMBER COMMAND by Gill Grace class 116
=01 CROSS EYED by Trevor Hyde Class216
=01 LONDON EYE & ST PAULS by Neil Jackson class216
=01 SNOWY SHARD by Val Walker Class116
=01 SOUTH BANK by Leah Pullen class116
=01 THAMES BARRIERS by Peter Hill class216
=01 TOURIST ATTRACTION by Denise Odell class216
=01 WREN'S REFLECTION by Phil Wright class216
=02 MISTY SUNRISE by Ray Staff Class 116
=02 NEW AND OLD by Denise Odell class216
=02 RIVER OF RED by Judy Domoney Class 216
=02 THE CHARD by Gill Grace class 116
=02 THE PLAYHOUSE by Reece Osborne class216
=02 TWO FAMOUS STREETS by Ted Weller class116
=03 30 ST MARY'S AXE by Mike Walker class116
=03 ALLY PALLY OVER N4 by Peter Hill class216
=03 GOLDEN JUBILEE BRIDGE by Gill Grace class 116
=03 LONDON EYE NSC5813A by Ray Staff Class 116
=03 MY EYE OF LONDON by Megan Maddy16
=03 SIGN OF THE TIME by mike barber class216
=03 STORM BREWING by Judy Domoney Class 216
=03 SUNSET OVER LONDON EYE by Leah Pullen class116
=03 TOWER 42 by Val Walker Class116
=1) OF A BYGONE AGE by David Milton (09.030)class 2 jpeg.16
=2) BREXIT WINNERS AND LOSERS (16.024) by David Milton class 2 jpeg16
=3) BIG WHEEL KEEP ON TURNING (16.011) by David Milton class 2 jpeg16
=LONDON EYE by Chunilal Chavda class216
=SHARD by Chunilal Chavda class216
6901 A SHIFT IN TIME by Phil Wright class215
=WESTMINSTER by Chunilal Chavda class215