Projected Image Results 2016 - 17

Set Subject 2. Close up

Comments and Scores.
Indian ConciergeGood portrait, characterful, lighting a wee bit flat, use of fill in would have helped. Head on shot, for close up work I would be tempted to isolate part of feature particularly moustache which has plenty of interest. Overall good14
Scottish WildcatGreat use of differential focus and sharp where it needed to be. Again I would have been tempted to really get closer to the cat’s face an into the detail of the features, I would have also tried to get its attention. Good shot15
Mr NutkinGetting wildlife shots like this are difficult however much more interesting as we can begin to see the character of the creature. Good focus where it needs to be perhaps a little more saturation in colour of the squirrel may have helped. Great effort16
Feeding TimeBy getting in close to the eyes and beaks we have started to cross into the threshold into more creative Natural History photography which is very pleasing. Just a couple of tips to improve, the yellow and white area top right remove this by cloning another bird. If you have the inclination you could try the same treatment with bottom left, so all we can see are pelican’s heads. Great observation.18
You Lookin at meGreat eye-level shot of tortoise, nice textures and detail of eaten grass helps. Lighting a little difficult perhaps a small reflector under the animal could have helped. Good shot.15
Mr FoxOne of my daughter’s favourite animals so I get to see rather a lot of them. Has some good tension helped by the positioning and perceived movement. Focal point a little off nevertheless a great effort16
Ghoulish Close UpA great observational shot capturing a cheeky gargoyle. Nice texture and use of differential focus. Well seen.15
Bark ColoursShapes and textures abound. Some fascinating colours which I presume are post processed but nevertheless work well. Fits subject well. Great effort.17
Sundew TrapNow we are getting really close, macro level with good composition and lighting, background works really well. One small irritant is the hair at the tip (so easy to remove) I would also just shave off a fraction off the left hand side as there is a blemish just below the dark area which distracts. Well seen17
Fading RudbeckiaI am currently doing a series of photos studying dying flowers so this has some personal interest for me. The difficulty here is what to include/remove. Portrait would I believe, have worked better. Overall good14
Cactus SpikesGreat shot filling the frame with spiky detail would work well as a huge canvas, I would just tweak the colour saturation just a shade otherwise it needs nothing else. Excellent effort.19
Leaf Cutter AntsExcellent observation and execution, composition works very well as does use of differential focus. Exceptional effort.201st
Steaming IronBefore seeing the title I thought a new building had gone up in London! Great observation and thought has gone into this. Although I like the angle I just wonder how much more curious this would become if straightened in the frame. Well seen17
The Inner Workings of a Watch 1Careful lighting and composition has really made this image work. Fascinating detail. Well executed203rd
Frosted DaffodilsAnother take on flowers which helps to portray their life cycle and environment they live in. Great lighting and exposure capturing frozen crystals. I would’ve tried to rotate this clockwise just a tad to bring the stem into the corner. Great effort18
PoppyThe simplify of this shot works very well indeed as does the technical execution which is exceptional. The water droplets are the best I’ve seen in a long time. Nice one202nd
Evening GlowNice Image, has a lot going on here even with differential focus. May have been tempted to change angle completely and shoot the stems against the sky. Good effort.14
Jimmy CricketExcellent natural history shot of this cricket Great lighting which works well to illustrate detail of insect. I would be tempted to go in a bit closer with some selective trimming particularly off left hand side. Otherwise excellent image.19
Climbing Tussock MothVery good image of this particular insect. Differential focus has worked well by disposing of any background clutter however the depth of field on the insect is particularly short. You may have chosen to do this deliberately. I would be tempted to remove a sliver off the left hand side to help decentralise the main subject.18
OrchidsFlowers given a ‘Film Noir’ light show, not sure if this helps. It is certainly different and adds some drama to the shot but not for me I’m afraid. Nice composition and execution though.15
TravellingClose but no cigar, A nice attempt at using different POV and a subject matter that can if done well be very evocative check out the following
Under the BridgeGreat viewpoint and treatment of structures. Good detail leaving just enough of all the elements to place this into perspective. Good effort.16
Is It a BoatInteresting shapes and texture, would have worked better giving us just the planks and textures rather than the majority of the craft. Good effort15
AeoniumCertainly an interesting plant. I find this image a little busy to be honest and although the central point of your composition works there are far too many other intrusions for my liking. Good effort15
Battle of Britain MemorialInteresting image of this statue which in itself is a great piece of art. To portray others work in a different way is difficult however as a photographer you should be looking at this in all manner of different perspectives, texture, dynamics, interplay with other objects etc. Good shot otherwise.14
Get to the PointSimple shot well executed. There are hundreds of photos and variations to be had with a box of pencils. Great effort16
Puffin PortraitCertainly filled the frame with this one, Technically a great shot of this Puffin (I’m sure his parents would be proud to have this in their albumn). Great detail and technical execution.18
Three FeathersWell taken and presented (Triptych contender) I particularly like the textured paper and sympathetic neutral lighting. Excellent effort18
Taking a Spin on a Close UpNot sure this one works for me I’m afraid, too much emphasis on the shape rather than the content although the text on the document is relative to the context which deserves merit.14
I Love Mummy’s MilkDifficult to fathom out what was going on at first, Great close up observation of young suckling on it’s mother. Interesting but not necessarily strong on ‘lets see this again’ content. Good observation.15
King PenguinGood close up of Penguin’s face. Lighting not the best however well seen and executed.16
All that GlittersA rock sample, interesting buy difficult to make interesting enough to photograph.14
The PollinatorNice photo showing what bee’s do for a living. Nice colours however too many points of interest would perhaps have benefited from side on view of bee in order to make it stronger in the frame. Great composition and quality of image however.16
Sweet ChestnutsGreat lighting, placement and execution. Good texture and enough interest in it to look at again and again. Just a couple of tidy up’s top right hand corner and small intrusion on LH edge. Otherwise excellent shot.19HC
WristwatchQuality timepiece well executed believe angle of shot not as strong, Try again at 90 degrees with warmer lighting, Technical quality very good though17
Flaming DahliaBright, vibrant and colourful. Great stock photo well done.17
Physalis CalysisThe Cape Gooseberry one of the more Interesting fruits which appear to be incredibly delicate and ornate in its construction. Well seen and executed16
The Knob GrabberCleaver piece of observation and constructed photography with several elements at play . I particularly like the distortion of reality at work. Great photo.18
Trumpet FlowerNice shot of the particular species of plant. Needed to be closer into the detail to fit the competition.14
ClematisClose up of flower with beautiful detail and colour a great illustrative specimen shot.16
Whistling DuckIf you say so. Reasonable close up of this species, Texture just about held in, (difficult because of the contrast) Good example15
City PigeonNice portrayal of what some consider an urban pest, Great detail and texture to feathers. I could see this as one of a series of shots on Wildlife in the city. Great photo17
DandelionSimple straightforward shot of this beautiful plant. Good effort15
Moth on DoorframeGreat example of this insect well portrayed and executed. Good effort17
BluebellSimple example of a flower often seen in carpets under woodland trees. Nice simplicity to this image with little to interfere with subject matter. Great effort16
Ready For Take OffFascinating insect the image however looks as though it has been through several areas of post processing including over sharpening which I believe has pushed it too far over the edge. Sorry.15
Bee At WorkIsolated bee. Nice texture and lighting (fill in flash)at work. A bit perturbed by the highlight in its eye. If this was from the flash I think it needs toning down a little. Nice photo16
Pink Morph GrasshopperFabulous specimen photo of this creature the colours work well and the placement is excellent. I would perhaps be inclined to trim a little off the left to get rid of the dark areas. Thus gaining a little more closeness to the subject. Great effort18
Bee EaterQuality photo . Nice one20HC
Painted LadyCertainly colourful and interesting, some nice texture in part however I believe there to be evidence of over-sharpening in certain areas of the insect as well as over saturation of colour. Hope you don’t mind me saying but the bottom line is that if it’s not sharp where you want it to be either recalibrate you lens or goto manual and take several shots at different F stops using the same focal point and combine in your final image.15
Palm LeavesDynamic image that really stands out interested why you chose to present this in B&W. Certainly close in and by using pillar box format made a much more interesting image. Great shot17
Rotten LeafGreat observation and well executed. The lighting has worked in your favour as has the shapes formed by the holes in the leaves themselves. Great effort17
Tuning StringsA real quality to this shot brought about by the lighting which has really lifted the texture and construction of the instrument. Great shot19HC
Well Heeled of CamdenWell seen and close up treatment of trainers on a shelf on sale at a shop or market stall. Love the colours and shapes formed by the construction of the shoes themselves. Good effort16
Handy VaseYou have attempted to make something creative however have really given yourself a tough task. Hands are notoriously difficult to photograph well and there are a few specialist photographers who work in the advertising industry who specialise and make a reasonable living from doing just that. Check out The use of creative lighting to give us shape and texture is well attempted and does make for interesting viewing. The vase however doesn’t which is a shame. Please keep doing what you are doing as persistence and practice will ultimately pay off.15
Red Hot Chilli PeppersGreat colourful shot of these hanging chillies. I think I would have attempted to try and get a bit closer to meet the criteria for the competition. Having said that Good effort16
Droplets CaughtA simple but no less effective image of a spiders web. Only a small area of the web is in focus which is a shame. Good effort15
Purple HeartInteresting rock. To try and expand you creativity try using different light sources like small led’s or lasers to illuminate your specimens15
Tin MushroomIf you say so then it is. From a photography perspective, Yep I’ll probably never see another one. Nice bit of macro work.15
Body ArtA nice attempt at detailed close up figurative work. The lighting has really helped you here with some great illumination of the hair follicles and navel . The Tattoo plays almost an insignificant part as it is trumped by the jewel and texture of the lit skin. Good effort16
TattooNice Ink, You really needed to look to better lighting and modelling of your image. Tattoo window photo. sorry14
At The Masked BallGuess who? A close up party shot14
Music & DanceThis image does have a sense of movement to it and looks at though it was captured during some kind of event. Unfortunately there are a number of distractions which detract from the main subject. Hopefully you took plenty more.14
Time To RunDefinitely. Good Effort15