Projected Image Results 2016 - 17

Digital of the Year

PosnTitle and Author
103 BEE-EATER COURTSHIP  by   Mike Walker Class1
203 STAIRWAY TO KHAN  by   Paul Burwood class 2
3=03 LEAF CUTTER ANTS  by   Belinda Ewart class1
3=02 BEE FEEDING  by   Peter Sibley
      H02 MAYFLY  by   Mike Walker Class 1
      H02 SHARING MEMORIES  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      H03 LONE ORYX  by   Val Walker Class1
800 WHITE  by  
      =00 BLACK  by  
      =00 GRAY  by  
      =00 CHECK  by  
      =01 PETREL ATTACK  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =01 BELOW THE NEW YORK A-TRAIN  by   Jeff Haynes
      =01 BROWSING  by   Denise odell class2
      =01 CHASING THE LEADER  by   Peter Hill class2
      =01 CORFE CASTLE  by   Karen Pierce
      =01 DESERTED SEA SHORE  by   Roger Cole
      =01 EARLY MORNING WALKIES  by   Brian Gibson class1
      =01 IMMINENT COLLISION  by   Val Walker Class1
      =01 IN THE MIST  by   Dominic Beaven class2
      =01 JUST AMUSING  by   Gill Grace class1. jpg
      =01 RETURN TO FREEDOM  by   Catherine Allen
      =01 SEAWEED AT LOW TIDE  by   mike barber - 1
      =01 ST STEPHENS CATHEDERAL VIENNA  by   Geoff Brown Class 2
      =01 SUNDEW TRAP  by   Ted Weller class1
      =01 THE END OF THE DAY  by   Neil Jackson class2
      =01 THE ONLY WAY IS UP  by   Paul Burwood class2
      =01 TIME FOR A WASH  by   Peter Sibley
      =01 WATCHING YOU  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      =01 WESTERN LIGHTHOUSE  by   Ray Staff class 01 1
      =01 WILLET TOSSING CRAB  by   Mike Walker Class1
      =02 BLUE JOHN  by   Gill Grace class 1
      =02 CHASING BUBBLES  by   Denise Odell class2
      =02 FLYING FOX  by   Val Walker Class1
      =02 GANTS HILL UNDERGROUND  by   Peter Hill class2
      =02 GIRL IN THE STREET  by   Doiminic Beaven class2
      =02 HITCHIN A RIDE  by   Roger Cole
      =02 JURASSIC COAST  by   Karen Pierce
      =02 KING OF THE ROAD  by   Jeff Haynes
      =02 KINGFISHER  by   Geoff Brown Class 2
      =02 MISTY MORNING  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =02 PASTEL TREES  by   Neil Jackson class2
      =02 SHERINGHAM STATION  by   Brian Gibson class1
      =02 SPRING MORNING  by   mike barber - 1
      =02 STREET ARTIST  by   Ted Weller class1
      =02 THE SOURCE  by   Paul Burwood class 2
      =02 THE SPANISH STALLION  by   Catherine Allen
      =03 KINGS CROSS STATION  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =03 DEMOISELLE  by   Peter Sibley
      =03 DYING SWAN  by   mike barber - 1
      =03 EFFIE  by   Dominic Beaven class2
      =03 MONKEY FACE  by   Roger Cole
      =03 MORNING LIGHTS  by   Neil Jackson class2
      =03 PHOTO SHOOT  by   Gill Grace class 1.jpg
      =03 RESIN MAN  by   Ted Weller class1
      =03 SAVE OUR NHS  by   Denise Odell class2
      =03 STANDING ON GLASS  by   Brian Gibson class1
      =03 THE SHARD  by   Jeff Haynes
      =03 WILDHORSES  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =03 YOU WANT ME  by   Karen Pierce