Projected Image Results 2017 - 18

Open 1 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
103 MIGHTY PYLON  by   Neil Jackson class220
201 STORM WATCHER  by   Neil Jackson class219
302 SMOKE AND CHAT  by   Denise Odell19
4    H02 THE BROOD  by   Dominic Beaven class219
5    H02 MEET IN THE MIST  by   Peter Hill class218
601 PAST THEIR BEST  by   Yvonne Milsome class218
      =01 THENEED FOR SPEED  by   Roger Cole18
      =03 GOING NOWHERE IN THIS WEATHER  by   Trevor Hyde class218
902 ALONE ON THE BEACH  by   Yvonne Milsome class217
      =02 ROCK POOL STILL LIFE  by   Philip Toms class217
      =03 CACTI 2  by   Philip Toms class217
1201 BOURNEMOUTH PIER  by   Denise Odell16
      =01 SHARD IN A SUIT  by   Dominic Beaven class216
      =01-CANARY WHARF  by   Geoff-Brown-Class-216
      =02 KHANZOOM  by   Paul Burwood class 216
      =02-DAMSELFLY  by   Geoff-Brown-Class-216
      =03 FRIAR'S CRAG  by   Paul Burwood class 216
      =03 THE CHURCH ON THE HILL  by   Geoff-Brown-Class-216
1901 COMING IN AT ELEVEN OCLOCK  by   PhilWright class215
      =01 ENTERING THE BUILDING  by   Trevor Hyde class215
      =01 SQUIRREL  by   Philip Toms class215
      =01 THE LOCKS OF SANTORINI  by   Phil Wrightclass215
      =02 A FINE CAST  by   Tom Barclay class215
      =02 EVENING SKY AT BLEIK, ANDOYA  by   Trevor Hyde class215
      =02 LICHEN FLOWERS  by   Neil Jackson class215
      =03 ANGLES AND SHADOWS  by   Peter Hill class215
      =03 PONT SUSPENDU DE SAINT SYMPHONORIEN  by   Tom Barclay class215
2801 BRONCO  by   Tom Barclay class214
      =01 PAST FLOATING  by   Paul Burwood class 214
      =01 TALL SHIP OBSERVED  by   Peter Hill v2 Class214
      =03 PORTRAIT OF A SINGER  by   Denise Odell14