Projected Image Results 2017 - 18

Open 1 Class 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 BEE FEEDING  by   Peter Sibley class120
202 A WATCHFUL EYE  by   Ray Staff Class 120
301 THE CLIMB AT THE TOP  by   Gill Grace class120
4    H02 MOUNTAIN CLOUDED YELLOW  by   Val Walker Class120
5    H01 DORSET SUNRISE  by   Ray Staff Class 119
      H02 CATCHING UP WITH THE GOSSIP  by   Belinda Ewart class119
703 AQUILEGIA  by   Val Walker Class119
      =03 THE BEACH AT WELLIGAMA  by   Belinda Ewart class119
901 FAT POT  by   Chunilal Chavda class118
      =02 KEEP WALKING  by   Chunilal Chavda class118
      =02 PIED KINGFISHER  by   Mike Walker Class118
      =03 WESTERN LIGHTHOUSE  by   Ray Staff class 118
1301 HAND ROLLED IN HAVANA  by   Alan Rhodes class117
      =01 SKIMMER LANDING  by   Val Walker Class117
      =01 YELLOW AND WHITE  by   Ted Weller class117
      =02 BIKE IN THE COIR FACTORY  by   Jeff Haynes class117
      =02 MORNING GLOBE  by   Justin Grant class 117
      =03 GIRL ON STEP  by   Justin Grant class 117
      =03 LITTLE REST  by   Chunilal Chavda class117
2001 DAYS GONE BY  by   Justin Grant16
      =01 MONSIEUR LA COUR AT THE MARKET  by   Belinda Ewart class116
      =01 NEW YORK CANYON  by   Jeff Haynes class116
      =02 ACACIA TREE  by   Alan Rhodes class116
      =02 THE GROCERS STORE  by   Ted Weller class116
      =03 LONE ZEBRA  by   Alan Rhodes class116
2601 GREEN BEE-EATERS  by   Mike Walker Class115
      =02 A VIEW FROM THE SHARD  by   Gill Grace class 115
      =02 KINGFISHER  by   Peter Sibley class115
      =03 COMPETING MARIBOUS  by   Mike Walker Class115