Projected Image Results 2018 - 19

Open 1 Class 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
101 WHITE COLLAR FIGHTER  by   Dominic Beaven Class120
201 DANCE LESSON IN CENTRAL PARK  by   Jeff Haynes Class120
302 THE ART OF THE TULIP  by   Belinda Ewart class120
4    H 01 GARDEN MOVEMENT  by   Val Walker Class120
      H 02 GREEN LIGHTS ON FIFTH  by   Jeff Haynes Class120
      H 03 TICKING OFF IN THE ENGINE SHED  by   Belinda Ewart class120
701 SHADOW ON THE DOOR  by   Chunilal Chavda Class119
      =01 THE PROTECTOR  by   Belinda Ewart class119
      =02 DAMSEL  by   Dominic Beaven Class119
      =02 TORN IT  by   Chunilal Chavda Class119
      =03 SPEED  by   Dominic Beaven Class119
1201 IM KISSIE  by   alan rhodes class 118
      =01 NIGHT SHIFT AT FELIXSTOWE  by   Brian Gibson class118
      =02 BROWN PELICAN DIVING  by   Mike Walker Class118
      =02 GLITTER GIRL  by   alan rhodes class 118
      =02 MARSH HARRIER OVER THE REEDS  by   Val Walker Class118
      =03 LIMPKIN CHICKS FIGHTING  by   Mike Walker Class118
      =03 RUNNING HARE  by   Val Walker Class118
      =03 SHOP WINDOW DUMMIES  by   Jeff Haynes Class118
2001 TIME TRAVEL FOR TUBE 1  by   Ray Staff17
      =01 WHAT NO SUGAR  by   Ted Weller class117
      =02 BURRATOR RESERVOIR  by   Brian Gibson class117
      =02 END OF SEASON  by   Ted Weller class117
      =02 ST BASILS  by   ray Staff17
      =03 TICK  by   Chunilal Chavda Class117
2601 ANHINGA WITH FISH  by   Mike Walker Class116
      =02 SHAKESPEARE&ARTIST  by   Gill Grace clas 116
      =03 WESTMINSTER SKYLINE  by   alan rhodes class 116
2901 LOOKING DANGEROUS  by   Gill Grace class 115
      =03 EARLY MORNING OVER HAY TOR  by   Brian Gibson class115
      =03 SELFIE  by   Ray Staff15