Projected Image Results 2018 - 19

Open 2 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
103 STONE CIRCLE  by   Philip Toms class220
203 WHO'S HIDDEN MY HAT  by   Paul Burwood class220
303 MARCO THE LIPIZZANER  by   Claire Daltrey Class Two20
4    H01 SECLUDED  by   Neil Jackson class219
      H03 BRITISH LIBRARY MEETING  by   Denise Odell class219
      H03 SUPPORT COLUMN  by   Phil Wright class219
703 A TOUCH OF AUTUMN  by   Yvonne Milsome class 219
      =03 BEACH WALK  by   Neil Jackson class219
      =03 BLUE TIT  by   Tom Barclay class219
1001 DESERTED WATLING STREET  by   Paul Burwood class218
      =01 FORTH RAIL BRIDGE  by   Tom Barclay class218
      =02 UNYIELDING  by   Neil Jackson class218
      =02 WHO ARE YOU STARING AT  by   Tom Barclay class218
      =02 WIND FARM  by   TREVOR HYDE Class218
      =02 YE OLDE BRICKWORKS  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 218
      =03 BUSKING HUNGARIAN STYLE  by   Geoff Brown Class 218
1701 COFFEE BREAK WALK  by   Denise Odell class217
      =01 TAKING FLIGHT  by   Geoff Brown Class 217
      =02 REMBRANDT'S LYDIA  by   Paul Burwood class217
      =02 STAIRCASES OF CUBA  by   David Milton class 2 jpg17
      =02-RNLI  by   Todd-Dalton-class217
      =03 DEFEETED!  by   David Milton class 2 jpg17
      =03 GRID  by   Todd Dalton class217
2401 EILEAN DONAN CASTLE  by   Peter Hill Class216
      =01-THE-SCREEN  by   Todd-Dalton-class216
      =02 AGNES  by   Denise Odell class216
      =02 FACT OR FICTION  by   Geoff Brown Class 216
      =01 PRIVATE. KEEP OUT  by   Philip Toms class216
3001 CONIFER BONNET  by   karen peirce class 215
      =01 SHARD SHIFT  by   Phil Wright class215
      =01 TEA AND TWO SUGARS PLEASE  by   Yvonne Milsome Class215
      =02 CHESIL BEACH  by   karen peirce class 215
      =02 CHRISTMAS CAVE  by   Claire Daltrey Class two15
      =02 DEVON TERROIR  by   Peter Hill Class215
      =02 THE TRAIL  by   Philip Toms class215
      =03 DAMSEL FLIES MATING  by   karen peirce class 2 jpg15
      =03 SEDUM  by   TREVOR HYDE Class215
3901 BARLEY THE BEAR  by   Claire Daltrey Class Two14
      =01 MAKE-UP ARTIST REQUIRED  by   David Milton class 2 jpg14
      =02 KENYAN SUNSET  by   Phil Wright class214