Projected Image Results 2018 - 19

Norma Bateman Rosebowl

Set Subject - "Abstract"
PosnTitle and Author
101 SHADES OF BLUE AND GREEN  by   Val Walker Class1
203 SWIRLS  by   Val Walker Class1
302 THE THIRD DIMENSION  by   Val Walker Class1
4    H03 BIRD OR NO BIRD   by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      H03 PLANET X  by   Dominic Beaven class1
      H04 WHAT IF WE ALL LOOKED THE SAME  by   Jeff Haynes
700 WHITE  by  
      =00 BLACK  by  
      =00 GRAY  by  
      =00 CHECK  by  
      =01 ABSTRACTUS  by   Craigpoltock class1.jpeg
      =01 ALIEN FLOWERS  by   Linda Williams class 2
      =01 AUTUMN WOOD  by   Denise Odell Class2
      =01 CIRCLES  by   Dominic Beaven class1
      =01 CLOCK  by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =01 COLOURS OF SUNSET  by   Neil Jackson class2
      =01 DIVE  by   Craig Bellis
      =01 FLASHBACK  by   Karen Peirce class 2
      =01 ICM SILVER BIRCH  by   Brian Gibson
      =01 JELLYBEAN JAMBOREE  by   Tom Barclay class2
      =01 LAVENDER BORDERS  by   Ted Weller class1
      =01 MAKING THE POINT  by   Geoff Brown Class 2
      =01 PASTEL PATTERN   by   TREVOR HYDE Class2
      =01 PATTERNS IN NATURE  by   Gill Grace class 1. jpg
      =01 PINUS EDULIS  by   Yvonne Milsome
      =01 SHOP WINDOW ABSTRACT  by   Jeff Haynes
      =01 SPLIT PERSONALITY  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      =01 TATE BRITAIN CAFE  by   Chris Wallace Class1
      =01 TOMS  by   Phil wright class2
      =01 TREE TOPS   by   mike barber - 1
      =01 ZOOM  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =02 ALLSEEING EYES  by   Linda Williams class 2
      =02 ANTICYCLONE  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =02 BUBBLES  by   Brian Gibson
      =02 CURVES AT THE MUSEUM  by   Denise Odell Class2
      =02 DISTORTION  by   Geoff Brown Class 2
      =02 FLOWERS IN THE WIND  by   Ted Weller class1
      =02 GLASS STRUCTURE SECTION  by   Craigpoltock class1.jpeg
      =02 ICONIC  by   Craig Bellis
      =02 IRON MAN   by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =02 LINES OF LIGHT  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =02 LIQUID GALAXY  by   Dominic Beaven class1
      =02 MIDNIGHT TREE  by   Neil Jackson class2
      =02 MONDRIAN HINGES  by   Chris Wallace Class1
      =02 PHASEOLUS VULGARIS  by   Yvonne Milsome
      =02 REFLECTIONS  by   Gill Grace class 1. jpg
      =02 REFLECTIONS  by   Jeff Haynes
      =02 SCALES  by   Phil Wright class2
      =02 SHADOWS   by   mike barber - 1
      =02 SLASH DANCE  by   Karen Peirce class 2
      =02 STARS IN YOUR EYES  by   Belinda Ewart class1
      =02 WAITING TO GET HITCHED  by   Tom Barclay class2
      =03 ABSTRACT 03  by   Brian Gibson
      =03 DANDELION SWIRL  by   Tom Barclay class2
      =03 EYES ON YOU  by   Craig Bellis
      =03 FISHERMANS ROPE  by   Gill Grace class 1. jpg
      =03 GOLDEN REFLECTIONS  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =03 ICE NO LEMON  by   Yvonne Milsome
      =03 KALEIDOSCOPE  by   Geoff Brown Class 2
      =03 LIGHT AND LEAVES  by   Denise Odell Class2
      =03 MAN MADE NATURE  by   craigpoltock.class1.jpeg
      =03 NATURE'S FIREWORKS  by   Belinda Ewart class 1
      =03 SAILS  by   Neil Jackson class2
      =03 SPIKEY  by   Ted Weller class1
      =03 SPIRALS OF LIGHT   by   Karen Peirce class 2
      =03 STARFISH SKIN  by   Phil Wright class2
      =03 TAKING THE PEE - HOMAGE TO DUCHAMP FOUNTAIN  by   Chris Wallace Class1
      =03 TENTACLES AND OTHER STUFF  by   Jeff Haynes
      =03 YELLOW ENTERS FROM THE LEFT  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =04 A BARREL OF COLOUR  by   Belinda Ewart class 1
      =04 BRAYFORD VISION  by   Trevor Hyde Class2
      =04 BUTERFLIES OR BOWS  by   Ray Staff Class 1
      =04 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS  by   Phil Wright class2
      =04 GHOST IN A TUNNEL  by   Denise Odell Class2
      =04 KHALIFA   by   Chunilal Chavda class1
      =04 LAVENDER FIELDS  by   Ted Weller class1
      =04 ORANGE BLUE & GREEN  by   Gill Grace class 1. jpg
      =04 PETALS   by   Geoff Brown Class 2
      =04 PIPES  by   Chris Wallace Class1
      =04 RIPPLES 04  by   Brian Gibson
      =04 RIVET  by   Craig Bellis
      =04 ROOF SHAPES  by   Val Walker Class1
      =04 SNOWBOUND  by   Craigpoltock class1.jpeg
      =04 THE TROUBLE WITH LICHEN  by   Tom Barclay class2
      =04 THE WOOD STORE  by   Yvonne Milsome
      =04 WATER COLOUR  by   Neil Jackson class2