Projected Image Results 2018 - 19

PDI open 3 Class 2

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS  by   Paul Burwood class 220
201 TO BOLDLY GO  by   Neil Jackson class220
302 STILL RAINING STILL DREAMING  by   Tom Barclay class220
4    H 02 THE HORNS  by   Neil Jackson class220
5    H 01 GIANT PETREL FLYING PAST THE ICEBERG  by   Trevor Hyde Class219
      H 03 AUTUMN ON DERWENT WATER  by   Neil Jackson class219
702 EARNING SOME MONEY ON THE SOUTHBANK  by   Denise Odell class219
      =03 DAPPER THIEF  by   Paul Burwood class 219
      =03 TANTALLON CASTLE  by   Tom Barclay class219
1001 APPROACHING STORM  by   Paul Burwood class 218
      =01 DUSK AT BRIGHTON  by   Denise Odell class218
      =01 FRITILLARIES  by   Philip Toms class218
      =02 THE CHURCH IN THE VALLEY  by   Trevor Hyde Class218
      =03 FUNGI 2  by   Philip Toms class218
      =03 GRENVILLE PASSAGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA  by   Trevor Hyde Class218
      =03 OXBURGH HALL   by   Geoff Brown Class 218
      =03 VENITIAN HOLLOW EYES  by   Phil Wright Class2 18
1801 ALL SMILES TOMO.173  by   David Milton class 2 jpg17
      =01 ITS A CINCH ITS A FINCH  by   Tom Barclay class217
      =01 THE TOUCH OF FRIENDSHIP  by   Claire Daltrey Class 217
      =02 CHEETAH  by   karen peirce class 2 17
      =02 FACTORY ROAD REFINERY  by   Linda Williams class 217
      =02 IN MEMORIUM  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 217
      =02 SHORT EARED OWL  by   Philip Toms class217
      =03 HUGO  by   karen peirce class 2 jpg17
      =03 RED TIGHTS  by   Denise Odell class217
      =03 THE WHEAT FIELD  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 217
2801 HEADS-UP  by   Todd-Dalton-Class-216
      =01 STRANGER ON A SILVER SHORELINE  by   Linda Williams Class 216
      =01 SWAN LAKE  by   Phil Wright Class216
      =01 TELEPHONE BOXES IN PARLIMENT SQUARE  by   Geoff Brown class216
      =01 UNCLE MATT GOES ROCKPOOLING II  by   Peter Hill Class216
      =01 WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT  by   Yvonne Milsome Class 216
      =01 WOODS IN A BALL  by   karen peirce class 216
      =02 DO NOT LEAN OUT OF THE WINDOW  by   Peter Hill Class216
      =02 IS THAT EWE MUM  by   Phil Wright Class216
      =02 MATTHIAS CHURCH BUDAPEST  by   Geoff Brown Class 216
      =02 TUBBY AND HIS TUBA  by   Claire Daltrey Class 216
      =03 CASTLE CAUSEWAY  by   Peter Hill Class216
4002 BANKZY WAZ HERE  by   David Milton class 2 jpg15
      =03 DILAPIDATION  by   David Milton class 2 jpg15
      =03 FIELD END SUNSET  by   Claire Daltrey Class 215
      =03 THE ROAD TO KNOWHERE  by   Linda Williams class215