Projected Image Results 2018 - 19

PDI open 3 Class 1

PosnTitle and AuthorScore
102 BREXIT BRITAIN  by   Jeff Haynes Class120
201 HARE IN THE GRASS  by   Val Walker Class120
303 COLLISION  by   Dominic Beaven class120
4    H 01 ROLLER WITH FROG  by   Mike Walker Class120
      H 02 INTENSITY  by   Craig poltock class120
      H 03 WOMAN AT THE GATE  by   Chunilal Chavda class120
701 CRIMSON LIPS  by   Dominic Beaven class119
      =03 SIDE BY SIDE BEE-EATERS  by   Val Walker Class119
901 LOOKING INTO PAST  by   Chunilal Chavda class118
      =01 PLOP  by   Belinda Ewart class118
      =01 VILLAGE GIRL  by   alan rhodes class 118
      =02 CURVING CANNA  by   Ted Weller class118
      =02 FIRE DANCE  by   Dominic Beaven class118
      =02 KRUGER DAWN  by   Val Walker Class118
      =02 STEPPING OUT IN STYLE  by   Belinda Ewart class118
      =02 STRIKE A POSE!  by   alan rhodes class 118
      =03 AFTER THE MORNING DIP  by   Jeff Haynes Class118
      =03 THE CHASE  by   Belinda Ewart class118
1901 ALL QUIET ON THE SOUTHBANK  by   Jeff Haynes Class117
      =01 ANIMATED   by   Craigpoltock Class117
      =02 GREAT CRESTED GREBES  by   Mike Walker Class117
      =02 LANDON EYE  by   Gill Grace class 1. jpg17
      =03 THINKING OF UNICORNS  by   alan rhodes class 117
2401 RYE HARBOUR  by   Brian Gibson class116
      =01 SPERM WHALE BREACHING  by   Ted Weller class116
      =02 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES  by   Chunilal Chavda class116
      =02 WAITING FOR THE CALL  by   Brian Gibson class116
      =03 WHITE IBIS IN FLIGHT  by   Mike Walker Class116
2901 BOURNMOUTH SUNSET  by   Gill Grace class 1. jpg15
      =03 OLD TREE WINCHESTER  by   Gill Grace class 115
      =03 WISTMANS WOOD  by   Brian Gibson class115